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KRAB – Track Recording Trolley

The Krab 84.09SA is specially designed for towing.  The measuring system contains mechanisms protecting the trolley from derailment. During the operation with the trolley some security requirements must be kept in order to avoid damage to the trolley and injury to operators.

Mass: 110 kg basic form
Maximum speed: depends on individual track conditions
Working temperature: -20÷55°C

  • Wheel diameter 180 mm
  • Failsafe brake
  • Reinforced, heavier construction of the trolley
  • Removable battery box
  • Switch brake (spring arresting system)
  • Proximity sensors
  • Tow bar automatic decoupling mechanism
  • Protection brackets
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LPS – Track Clearance Profile Scanner Equipment

Additional Information

Track geometry measuring equipment with built-in track clearance measuring equipment.

LPS scanner is designed for checking the clearance around the measured track.

 It can be used to check the tunnel tube, platforms, vegetation around the track, catenary poles or any other object placed along the track. Based on Krab trolley, the system is capable to measure a complete track geometry.

LPS is equipped with camera, which is synchronized with kilometric position. This camera helps to determine the measurement during the evaluation.

LPS trolley is designed for manual operation. Standard measuring speed is walking speed 

2.5 mph (4 kph). Scanner resolution at this speed is 2 x 2 cm with cross sections made every 4 cm. When the measurement is finished, data can be evaluated directly on the trolley computer Alternatively, the data can be transferred to office PC with evaluation software. 


Trolley weight:  132 lb (60 kg)

Trolley battery operation time: 8 hours

Maximum measuring speed: 5 km/h

Measuring step: 4 cm


  • Gauge
  • Alignment
  • Top
  • Quasi-twist
  • Cant
  • Distance run
  • GPS location
  • Track gauge
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The GEKON Trolley is a measuring device intended for contactless measuring of the corrugation of grooved and UIC rail. It can be used for rail head icrogeometry assessment.  The GEKON Trolley is able to measure a series of continuous track sections, evaluate the acquired data and compute the results being complied with
the standard EN 13231-3. For the measurement, the GEKON uses two versines with laser sensors placed vertically to the longitudinal axis of the rail.

Mass of the basic parts: 8,7 kg and 6,3 kg
Total weight: 15 kg
Transport box dimensions: 1122 mm x 409 mm x 356 mm
Battery operation time: 4-8 hours
Measuring speed: 1 m/s
Scanning interval: 5 mm
Sensor resolution: 1 μm

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Salamander Measuring trolley for rail roughness and corrugation

The SALAMANDER trolley is a self propelled, remotely controlled device intended for contactless measuring of rail roughness and corrugation. It is used for assessment of the rail head surface as a background for noise environmental research as well as for grinding works. Fully compatible with EN 13231-3 and EN15610.

The SALAMANDER trolley is able to measure a series of continuous track sections of typical length of hundreds metres, evaluate the acquired data and compute the results in real time according to the standards EN 13231-3 and EN15610.

Mass of the basic parts: 12 kg + 6 kg
Total weight: 18 kg
Transport box dimensions: 1140 mm x 643 mm x 419 mm
Battery operation time: 4-8 hours
Battery: Li-Io 25,2 V; 252 Wh
Measuring speed: 0-2 m/s
Speed by engine: selectable 0,25; 0,5; 0,75; 1,0 m/s
Engine: 24V; 40 W
Scanning interval: 0,5 or 1,0 mm
Sensor resolution: 0,2 μm
Accuracy 2 σ:
D1 (10 – 30 mm): 0,2 μm
D2 (30 – 100 mm): 0,2 μm
D3 (100 – 300 mm): 0,5 μm
D4 (300 – 1000 mm): 3,0 μm
D5 (1000 – 3000 mm): 10,0 μm

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Turtle for track geometry and rail profiles

The TURTLE trolley concept enables the measurement of complete track geometry as well as rail profiles. The TURTLE can be made for any nominal track gauge (e.g. 1067, 1435, 1600 mm) and it can be used for all common vignoles and grooved rail profiles including UIC60. The TURTLE fulfills all the requirements of the EN13848-1 and EN13848-4 standards.

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