Friction Modifier Applicators

State of the art onboard and wayside applicators by Tribotec. We provide products and services that increase vehicle fuel efficiency, minimize rail and wheel wear, reduce maintenance costs, reduce noise, and improve track availability.

OK-02-F Technical description
Tribotec- wheel flange lubrication locomotives
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Wheel Flange Lubrication Systems

Wheel flange lubrication is designed to lubricate the first pair of wheels in the forward direction of a bidirectional train that is equipped with compressed air distribution. The device is dedicated for installation on the train´s frame or bogie. The equipment for one train consists of two sets of OK-01-F.

Wheel flange lubrication advantages:

  • reducing the cost of changing and treating the wheel flanges due to wear
  • reducing the wear and deformations of rails
  • energy saving by reducing the rolling resistance and friction of wheel flanges
  • increasing the safety by reducing the risk of derailing
  • improving the negative effects on the environment by reducing the noise from passing
    through bends
  • shortening the time of putting engines and pulled cars out of operation due to wheel
    flange wear
Tribotec-stationary track lubrication
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Wayside Lubrication System

Nowadays high requirements are placed on efficiency, cost reduction and environmental protection in demanding operating conditions of rail transport. High requirements are also placed on reducing the rail track repairs, noise reduction of rail transport as well as on wheels re-profillation.  Special lubrication systems have become a perfect solution, which significantly eliminate the amount of wear wheels and rails, and also reduce the noise of vehicles at the same time. TRIBOTEC produces Wheel flange lubrication systems as effective and economic solutions for wide range of applications across the whole spectrum of rail vehicles and type of rails.

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