About Us


GCLLC brings solid business experience to support our ability to meet your expectations.

From the Southeast Asia to North America and beyond, we have and continue to provide our services to our governmental and private customers.


In this highly competitive business environment we have to integrate Public-Private interests.

GCLLC has expanded its service capabilities to include Total Support Services (TSS). Once defined, GCLLC selects the Team of Experts who will provide the best recommended solutions for the challenge being faced.

Total Support Services

TSS brings you, the Customer, what you expect:

Meet the Specification

Deliver a High Quality Product or Service

Meet the Schedule

It’s as simple as that.

What We Do

OEM Support and Teaming

We understand the demands and risks OEM’s and our Team partners face to meet technical and schedule requirements.

GCLLC provides complete End-to-End support from initial submittals to Quality Inspections-material delivery-training and final Acceptance, we stay with you to provide the Total Service Support you expect.

After-Market Parts

We provide detailed replication services and final 3D modelling quickly and efficiently before we deliver the part(s) you need. Certifications accompany all First Article parts and Test Certificates as required.


GCLLC is registered in several States as a Minority Woman owned and Dis-advantaged business Enterprise. While we do not generally pursue this as our core business, we do provide this Certification as a service. If you foresee a need for a set-aside goal please contact us to discuss how we can help you meet your needs within our Certification or refer you to our network of friends outside our coverage area.

Vulcanized and Rubber Parts

GCLLC provides customized parts to meet your application. Bonded, extruded, rubber or neoprene and in accordance to your recipe or ours. Our network provides you with a detailed proposal and reasonable costs for small runs and multi-year requirements.

Electrical and Electronics

In this age of Electronics we are constantly faced with obsolesence of the electronic controls and systems we depend on to keep our equipment in service. We will work with you to find the best solution for replacement of motors, inverters, chargers, sensors, and electronics. Part of our Total Services Support.


Fans, compressors, HVAC, pumps, pneumatic and hydraulic systems demand proper understanding compliance and dependability.  We can provide your solution and will get hands-on with you to replace or improve the equipment and parts you need.

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